For manufacturing precast wall panels façade panels a similar set up to the hollowcore core plant  is required to batch and convey the Silicawood Mix to the casting  beds. The prefab factory is layout on tracks on which  the casting metal beds run forming a carousel of mobile trays combined with a tilting table station.


This is a highly flexible precast off site production system with low automation but cost-effective manufacturing capabilities for precast products. Once casted horizontal position  and  levelled uniformly with  a vibration and compacting system  the panels are covered and left  to cure for about 10 hours on the beds . Thereafter the they are tilted to vertical position, lifted and removed by an over head cran to the temporary curing stockyards

Silicwood products can be delivered  to site after 10 days and erection of the building con start immediately according to the BBUilding Construction System namely prefab panels self load bearing dry jointed