The process for producing  SILICAWOOD® Raw fiber requires an industrial plant with specialized equipment for screening chipping, treating and storing and conveying the product


  1. Collection from the field (sources are plantations, sawmills, industrial waste depots etc.)
  2. Screening for contaminants (metal, concrete, stone, or de-barking etc.)
  3. Shredding and secondary chipping process to reduce the wood to appropriate size and formats with a stable and repeatable process independent of the wood source format.
  4. Stabilization, treatment and post treatment process by means industrial ISO 9001 quality process The mineralization process of the wood chips does involve any noxious chemicals or substances and thus SILICAWOOD® Raw by all means ecological and biocompatible.
  5. Storage and conveying of Silicawood Raw is done in special silos to preserve the correct degree of humidity prior to utilization in the conventional batching plant.