Silicawood TCE 2015 HFA

Offering the African market a better dwelling option delivered by combining an

innovative construction material based on recycled scrap chipped wood with state

of the art prefab technology and a smart and cost effective a bio-climatic design.

The brand for this new market strategy puts together BBuilding srl and Cape

Concrete Pty Ltd on the industrial side, Italian Design Studio Synergia Progetti sas

and the IUAV University of Venice on the academic side along with the Imbadu

Ma-Afrika Development Consortium near Stellenbosch on the SA people side. The

venture is exemplified by delivering a full-fledged bio-climatic medical ward at

Khayamandi township near Stellenbosch, that will serve to case study the

construction process and compare costs as well as monitoring the actual energetic

performance of the building .From the experience it will be possible to forecast

operational costs for running and maintaining the structure.

  • Adoption an innovative construction material: Silicawood ® derived from recycling of scrap wood for mass production of ecological houses in prefab technology
  • Adoption of a (solar) bio-climatic architectural approach to improve dwelling quality saving energy and operational costs for running and maintaining the house
  • Projection of cost savings derived from a smart combination of both construction materials and bio-climatic design also at the urban scale.
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