Highlights: a successful synergy of construction materials

  • Excellent thermal insulation and energy efficiency

    A load-bearing SILICAWOOD® wall insulates ca. 6 times more than a bearing brick wall having the same thickness and is 11 times more insulating than cement. BBuilding Ecological Houses have a high level of energy efficiency because of the high insulating power of SILICAWOOD® (λ = 0,12), SILICAWOOD® has a very small heat dispersion: houses are cool in summer and warm in winter, thus allowing a remarkable energy conservation.

  • High solidity & Excellent ant seismic characteristics

    300/380 SILICAWOOD® walls have an excellent compression strength (respectively 48 and 65 kg/cm²) and are load bearing. Monolithic SILICAWOOD® walls are made of wood fibres having high resistance to tensile stress, compression and bending strength. Because of these properties, SILICAWOOD® walls resist strong seismic stresses and are fully compliant with the housing specifications for seismic regions.

  • Excellent steam permeability

    SILICAWOOD® is hygroscopic, it absorbs exceeding water and transmits it towards the exterior side, thus maintaining a balance of constant natural values inside. it resists perfectly to water, frost and snow,

  • For this reason, BBuilding Ecological Houses are healthy: indoors there are always constant humidity and temperature.

    Excellent resistance to fire

    10 cm SILICAWOOD® wall have a 3 hours fire resistance REI 180 (certified and homologated UNI EN 13501.)

  • Excellent acoustic insulation

    a wall of 10 cm thickness in SILICAWOOD® 150, plastered on both sides, insulates up to 38 dB. The acoustic insulation of houses is an important factor, especially when insulation from traffic noises is necessary. For this reason, external bearing walls are conceived to have a higher insulating power.

  • Light weight

    Its lightness (remarkably lower than concrete) and the fact that water cannot rise by capillarity, make it an excellent construction product for the building industry.

Highlights: a great ecological construction materials

  • Easy installation

    Building construction system based on self load bearing walls dry jointed does not imply using skilled labour to build. The assemblies very light weight to manage, fast to execute and error proof because every component is delivered prefabricated in the correct fashion Walls are jointed by self tapping wooden screw and so are all the interior finishing’s (examples sinks toilettes shelves etc),

  • Durability and Maintenance

    BBuilding Ecological Houses do not need any maintenance at all, except the normal maintenance required by traditional houses (for example, repainting).

  • Excellent Living Comfort

    The interiors of Building’s houses infuse a feeling of well-being: a real comfortable living due to, excellent thermal displacement in walls and roof (over 12 hours for a 10cm wall) and total absence of thermal bridges in the construction

  • Unbeaten Healthiness of the building,

    No cold bridges or humidity spots or dampness due to water rising walls due to capillarity effect. Due to the fact that wood is a insulating material the that interdicts electrical potential difference in the wall that is the cause for water penetrating by capillarity.