The original formulation of SILICAWOOD® dates back to 1989 were Bonelli Spa, an Italian sawmill, specialized in timber engineering patented a unique material for mass recycling of scrap wood chips and first employed it for laying highway acoustic panel barriers. Approximately about 300 km across the Italian Alps are still in place and perfectly intact today and their acoustic performance is still unbeaten.

The principal base material for SILICAWOOD® Raw is wood deriving from scraps of sawmills and forestry and plantations. .Any kind of wood species is treatable and can be turned into a SILICAWOOD® product. The wood deriving from these sources is virgin solid wood in origin and yields a 100% compliance to the most demanding green construction quality European Standards.

Very interesting enough also all the waste wood deriving from the timber and construction industries, dismantling of wooden barracks, scaffolding wooden pallets etc. can be equality collected and utilized. In order to achieve the SILICAWOOD® Raw fiber the scrap wood is chipped to the appropriate sizes and by means of a patented industrial process is combined with silica. Also this component is 100% natural and ecological. The mineralization process of the wood chips does involve other noxious chemicals or substances and thus SILICAWOOD® Raw by all means ecological and biocompatible. The manufacturing process is covered by industrial secrete and more detailed information is not disclosable in this document.

SILICAWOOD® Raw can be considered as the alternative component to sand and aggregates in the ordinary concrete mix.

SILICAWOOD® Mix is thus special type of light weight concrete resulting from a traditional cement batching process. It turns out to be a material mix that combines the structural properties of cement and the thermal insulation and acoustic insulation, Typical SILICAWOOD® products are blocks, slabs, walls, intermediate decks and roofs for low raise buildings.