1920  Establishment of Bonelli S.p.A. principally a sawmill for timber work north west Italy.

1960-1990  High specialization in the wood engineering and constructions industry (long haul bridges, wood building facades, acoustic linings of music halls, roofs, fire proof doors).

1990 From wood waste a new development: Silicawood®, first exploited for highway acoustic barriers (400 km in the French Alps) Silicawood® was patented in1992

1992 First ecological house successfully built with a innovative construction system (self load bearing walls dry jointed).

1993-2007 Over 120 houses built between Italy, France and Switzerland, turnover ecological houses business only, around 4,5 Mln € with 1 plant in north west Italy and 2 plants in France.

2008-2009  In response to the changing market conditions Beppe Bonelli ,grandson of the founder Bonelli, spinned off the entire Silicawood® ecological house division establishing a new company BBuilding Srl

2010 The original Silicawood® undergoes an innovative technological improvement and the BBuilding Engineering system is refined for compliancy with new severe ant’ seismic specifications for the Italian residential houses.

2014  Plans to start up operations Silicawood®  PRODUCTION PLANT with a JV Company in the Kingdom of Barhain