The BBuilding Construction System (EU patented) is the combination of 3 fundamental elements utilized according best building practice for  erecting  single and multi storey bio-climatic energy efficient buildings for residential and commercial and industrial use

  1. The base material called Silicawood
  2. The prefab of site production of wall and roof system and construction components
  3. The bio-climatic passive solar green building design and engineering system


SILICAWOOD® is a registred trade mark under which name there is a variety of products components and buildling systems


  • Silicawood Raw(treated wood chips) is the base material that is to be considered al light weight aggregate to be used in the concrete mix instead of sand and stone.
  • Silicawood Mixis the a light weight concrete (800 kg/m3) batched in a normal concrete batching plant.
  • Silicawood Hollowcore Blocks are produced in normal concrete block machine automatic or semi automatic.
  • Silicawood Hollowcore Slabs1200 mm width are produced with automatic hollowcore extruder machines and slip formers
  • Silicawood Solid Panels custom size are produced in bed trays in a concrete precast panel factory.
  • Silicawood House System, namely a construction system based on Silicawood wall floor and roof precast panels manufactured off-site and then constructed on site – self load load bearing dry jointed
  • Silicawood Roof Systemnamely a composite roofing system manufactured off-site were the main component is a Silicawood insulating slab
  • Silicawood Highway Acoustic Is a fully Engineered System for highway and road noise protection. It constituted be special anecoic panels of Silicawood


General Description


Silicawood original formulation dates back to 1989 were Bonelli Spa an Italian sawmill specialized in timber engineering invented  a unique process for mass recycling of scrap saw mill off cuts and wood chips.


The Raw Material SILICAWOOD®  Raw


SILICAWOOD® Raw is a light weight aggregate utilized in the ordinary concrete mix in replacement of sand and stone aggregates. The primary constituent is chipped timber ,namely solid wood of any species deriving from scraps of sawmills, forestry and plantations. Any kind of wood species are suitable softwoods (coniferous) hardwoods (angiosperms and monocotyledons)  provided that the chips are in virgin format, No saw dust and  bark can be utilized and are required to be screened out.  Also all waste and demolition timber deriving from the industrial lumber and construction industries, dismantling barracks, scaffolding, wooden pallets etc. can be utilized prior to separation of contaminants such as metal nails screws ets, and concrete and stone rubble

SILICAWOOD® Raw is an environmentally friendly aggregate (8-30 mm ) produced with an industrial refining and treatment process. It is then batched with ordinary Portland Cement ASTM-C150-Type I. and water. The resultant called  SILICAWOOD® Mix is used to produce concrete products such as hollow core blocks, hollow core slabs , solid precast wall panels, light weight floors , deck and roof systems. Silicawood products combine the structural characteristics of concrete and the thermal and acoustic insulation properties of wood.