Achieving affordable housing operating target costs by adapting European bio-climatic construction know-how to South African construction guidelines


Introduction to the South African market of an innovative construction material base on recycled scrap chipped wood and consolidated prefab technology for walls and blocks in combination with state of art bio-climatic architecture engineering. Case study for a bio-climatic solar house for the Lynedoch EcoVillage. Sustainability Institute of Stellenbosch University described in 4 design re-adaptments to come in line the local construction guidelines. Results of thermo-physical simulations on the energy efficiencies and impact on operational costs of the different proposals and related costs savings.

Key messages:

  • Adoption an innovative construction material: Silicawood® derived from recycling of scrap wood for mass production of ecological houses
  • Adoption of a solar bio-climatic architectural approach to save energy and operational costs for running the house
  • Running thermophysical simulations to asses and compare the passive efficiency of 4 house structures designs
  • Projection of cost savings derived from a smart combination of both construction materials and bio-climatic design also at urban scale.

By Roberto Pane, International Business Development Silicawood Project.

In collaboration with Synergia Progetti.

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